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Interview with Dirac with UWisc Newspaper, 1929


An Enjoyable Time Is Had By All

By Roundy

I been hearing about a fellow they have up at the U. . . . → Read More: Interview with Dirac with UWisc Newspaper, 1929

Taking Stock, Week 2

Where’s the cool stuff? I know that you’re asking this and so after two weeks, it’s worth thinking about where we are and where . . . → Read More: Taking Stock, Week 2


Welcome to ISP220, a course about the tiniest constituents in the universe and the biggest constituent in the Universe which is…the Universe itself. Remarkably these . . . → Read More: Welcome!

a physics joke

Just heard from a retired friend of mine:

Two physicists are discussing whether there is an afterlife and they agree that should one of them . . . → Read More: a physics joke