Dropbox for Thermo HW2

I just remembered (well, I was reminded – thanks) that by default the dropbox folders are invisible until I throw this great big switch.

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No, not the year that Kierkegaard died.

I mean chapter 18, problem 55. I threw it out because it was tedious.


You’ll notice a new link on the class page: “random videos.” It means…well…random videos. Every once in a while I’ll record something that I don’t . . . → Read More: videos

Thermo homework, week of 18 September

I took out one problem from the schedule. We’re oh so close to having all of the material necessary for this homework set that I’m . . . → Read More: Thermo homework, week of 18 September


I’ve been asked if I can recommend any normal-people books on particle physics. I do this in my ISP class and here is a part . . . → Read More: Books

okay. we will delay

The homework for chapter 2 will be due on Friday at the beginning of class. We’ll still do the workshop tuesday.

That is all,

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delay homework?

Would you like to make the deadline for this homework set be the beginning of class friday, rather than wednesday? I enjoyed myself too much . . . → Read More: delay homework?

Our computers were down and now we’re back

I maintain a large computing system for the LHC ATLAS experiment and last night about 7pm we had our second leak in our large cooling . . . → Read More: Our computers were down and now we’re back

a relativistic calculator

For problems in which the decimal places are many… you might appreciate a calculator for relativistic beta, speed, gamma, etc.

Here’s one:


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“D1” and “D2” questions

The two derivations that I asked you to complete are now in the form of specific questions in the homework part of the website.

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