honors project

I asked yesterday for email from anyone who is planning to do the honors project. I think I got no messages…did I miss anyone? That’s . . . → Read More: honors project


I think I’ve not given you enough information to do D5. So turn in any work you did, even if it’s spinning your wheels, and . . . → Read More: D5

Homework nov 1

I should have thought of this before now. My lecturing is behind the homework. Would you like to turn in this week’s homework on Friday . . . → Read More: Homework nov 1

skip 6-37

T&R problem 6.37 is tricky and not worth it. So skip it.

I lied. The exam will cover…

…Thornton and Rex: 3, 4, 5, and 6 through section 6.3 (infinite well)

That is all The Management

Exam Opportunities

The average on Exam 1 was 19/30 (not counting the extra credit). The highest score was 27.

Here’s a way to improve your grade:

You’ll . . . → Read More: Exam Opportunities

Week of October 9

As I said in class, in order to do some catch-up I’m thinking of lecturing all week, which means you’d need to “homework workshop” on . . . → Read More: Week of October 9

Friday Exam…

I lied. There is one question that involves a simple derivation, for which I get you off to a running start …

There are . . . → Read More: Friday Exam…


homework and exam

A couple of things about your homework:

units. Your answers must have correct units.

work. No, not F•d… show your work. Each solution should go . . . → Read More: homework and exam