Derivations 3 and 4 for HW3

There have been two “derivations” that were assigned in lecture, #3 and #4. You can find them nicely presented in the Homework area.

Homework for chapters 19 and 20?

All good. You can indeed do the homework assigned with what we’ve covered in class. Monday I’ll consider Entropy from a perspective that’s not in . . . → Read More: Homework for chapters 19 and 20?

Dropbox for Thermo HW2

I just remembered (well, I was reminded – thanks) that by default the dropbox folders are invisible until I throw this great big switch.

I’ve . . . → Read More: Dropbox for Thermo HW2


No, not the year that Kierkegaard died.

I mean chapter 18, problem 55. I threw it out because it was tedious.


You’ll notice a new link on the class page: “random videos.” It means…well…random videos. Every once in a while I’ll record something that I don’t . . . → Read More: videos

Thermo homework, week of 18 September

I took out one problem from the schedule. We’re oh so close to having all of the material necessary for this homework set that I’m . . . → Read More: Thermo homework, week of 18 September


I’ve been asked if I can recommend any normal-people books on particle physics. I do this in my ISP class and here is a part . . . → Read More: Books

okay. we will delay

The homework for chapter 2 will be due on Friday at the beginning of class. We’ll still do the workshop tuesday.

That is all,

The . . . → Read More: okay. we will delay

delay homework?

Would you like to make the deadline for this homework set be the beginning of class friday, rather than wednesday? I enjoyed myself too much . . . → Read More: delay homework?

Our computers were down and now we’re back

I maintain a large computing system for the LHC ATLAS experiment and last night about 7pm we had our second leak in our large cooling . . . → Read More: Our computers were down and now we’re back