last week

I updated the schedule for this last week.

Tuesday will be the homework workshop on chapter 13 homework. Notice that I just now added two . . . → Read More: last week

Final Exam

The PHY215 Final Exam coordinates are:

Monday, December 11, 3:00-5:00 pm

101 Biochemistry Building

I predict problems and questions will come from Chapters: 2. Relativity . . . → Read More: Final Exam

Exam 3

Exam 3 is Friday, December 1.

In class I indicted that the exam is from chapters 7,8,9,12…not 13.

The front page of the exam is . . . → Read More: Exam 3

uh-oh…take 2

Not 23. 26. That post should have said:

I made a mistake in the homework assignment for chapter 12. I assigned 12.26 [TWENTY SIX}…which is . . . → Read More: uh-oh…take 2

uh oh

I made a mistake in the homework assignment for chapter 12. I assigned 12.23…which is maybe good for the soul, but not what I intended.

. . . → Read More: uh oh


Please note the message that I just received:



Student Instruction Rating System (SIRS Online) collects student feedback on courses . . . → Read More: SIRS

End game…sorta

As I noted in class, and in the slides, the end-game of the course is now in effect:

o The schedule will be week by . . . → Read More: End game…sorta

honors project

I asked yesterday for email from anyone who is planning to do the honors project. I think I got no messages…did I miss anyone? That’s . . . → Read More: honors project


I think I’ve not given you enough information to do D5. So turn in any work you did, even if it’s spinning your wheels, and . . . → Read More: D5

Homework nov 1

I should have thought of this before now. My lecturing is behind the homework. Would you like to turn in this week’s homework on Friday . . . → Read More: Homework nov 1