The ISP220 End Game

Here’s how the next two weeks will play out:

Homework #13 will be assigned 4/21 and due 4/28 – normal rotation

On-line final exam will . . . → Read More: The ISP220 End Game

Interview with Dirac with UWisc Newspaper, 1929

Paul Dirac as a young man.


An Enjoyable Time Is Had By All

By Roundy

I been hearing about a fellow . . . → Read More: Interview with Dirac with UWisc Newspaper, 1929

Honors Project, part 2

Section 2 folks: The balance of the honors project instructions are up along with your datasets.

Homework #9

Homework #9 is up… a day late. I was traveling yesterday. So I added a day to the regular due date. They will require Tuesday’s . . . → Read More: Homework #9

Homework #8 and MasteringAstronomy

The registration for MasteringAstronomy has been extended by Pearson.

Good news…since this week’s homework originates from there: #8 Special Relativity, 2

Movies on Relativity

In class I said I would make two movies of examples of Relativistic Time Dilation and Length Contraction.

I’ve done this and they are in . . . → Read More: Movies on Relativity

Change of homework plans

Multiple things:

Because the videos didn’t work in lesson 13, I essentially lost a day in going over some of what was in them. So . . . → Read More: Change of homework plans

various important things

We’re coming to the end of the Part 1 portion of ISP220. What I hope this has done is lay a foundation for what will . . . → Read More: various important things

Next lessons

The next lessons are posted and uploaded. Lecture slides from last Tuesday are also up, Everything: in the lectures/readings/homework tab,

Tuesday project

As I mentioned over on Facebook, tomorrow (6th) I’ll do some lecturing and I said I’d post the project so you could get a head . . . → Read More: Tuesday project