Final Exam Document

I have uploaded a document that describes exactly how the Feynman Diagram part of the Friday Final Exam will happen. You should read it before . . . → Read More: Final Exam Document

Changed! Homework 13 & Poster

Homework 13:

As I said in the title of the MasteringPhysics portion of the homework, there is a paper part to this one.

You’ll find . . . → Read More: Changed! Homework 13 & Poster

Honors Project, part 2

Section 2 folks: The balance of the honors project instructions are up along with your datasets.

Homework #9

Homework #9 is up… a day late. I was traveling yesterday. So I added a day to the regular due date. They will require Tuesday’s . . . → Read More: Homework #9

Homework #8 and MasteringAstronomy

The registration for MasteringAstronomy has been extended by Pearson.

Good news…since this week’s homework originates from there: #8 Special Relativity, 2

Change of homework plans

Multiple things:

Because the videos didn’t work in lesson 13, I essentially lost a day in going over some of what was in them. So . . . → Read More: Change of homework plans

various important things

We’re coming to the end of the Part 1 portion of ISP220. What I hope this has done is lay a foundation for what will . . . → Read More: various important things

Next lessons

The next lessons are posted and uploaded. Lecture slides from last Tuesday are also up, Everything: in the lectures/readings/homework tab,

Tuesday project

As I mentioned over on Facebook, tomorrow (6th) I’ll do some lecturing and I said I’d post the project so you could get a head . . . → Read More: Tuesday project

Next Lessons are up. Energy and Early Cosmology

You’re reading this because you got here by accident?

Or…because you signed up for Feedburner!

You can find the Energy and Early Cosmology lessons are . . . → Read More: Next Lessons are up. Energy and Early Cosmology