Final Exam Document

I have uploaded a document that describes exactly how the Feynman Diagram part of the Friday Final Exam will happen. You should read it before . . . → Read More: Final Exam Document

The ISP220 End Game

Here’s how the next two weeks will play out:

Homework #13 will be assigned 4/21 and due 4/28 – normal rotation

On-line final exam will . . . → Read More: The ISP220 End Game

Homework #8 and MasteringAstronomy

The registration for MasteringAstronomy has been extended by Pearson.

Good news…since this week’s homework originates from there: #8 Special Relativity, 2

various important things

We’re coming to the end of the Part 1 portion of ISP220. What I hope this has done is lay a foundation for what will . . . → Read More: various important things

Next lessons are up…

…well, have been up since last night.

Lesson 9 on Newton’s Gravitation (including the Galileo’ astronomy and his end-game with the Church) and lesson 10, . . . → Read More: Next lessons are up…

Dan’s Office Hours

Hello ISP220 students,

My name is Daniel Coulter and I will be your TA for the semester. This is a very fun class and I . . . → Read More: Dan’s Office Hours

Two things afoot

Thing 1.

My website that begins with the domain “” is down (again). MSU decided to do power maintenance on the BPS building the week . . . → Read More: Two things afoot