Change of homework plans

Multiple things:

  • Because the videos didn’t work in lesson 13, I essentially lost a day in going over some of what was in them. So I’m a day behind in Relativity and really have nothing to ask you about for a homework assignment. So there will not be a homework posted this Saturday and I’ll readjust the total score totals and everything to reflect that. Rats.
  • Remember that the midterm is available on MasteringPhysics at noon Sunday and due midnight, Tuesday.
  • This is an important week as a grounding in Relativity is essential going forward. Another way of saying that is to remind everyone that spring break doesn’t start until Saturday, March 3. That’s my “get off my lawn” message for today.
  • The homework on Relativity will depend heavily on lecture slides and the Hobson chapter that I uploaded to the lecture directory and spoke of yesterday.
  • And yes. By now you know that lecture slides and other materials go into the directory: as noted each week in the Lectures/Homework/Readings content.
  • Honors section: I’ll release the first (of two) instructions for the honors project on Monday.

That is all,

The Management

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