Dan’s Office Hours

Hello ISP220 students,

My name is Daniel Coulter and I will be your TA for the semester. This is a very fun class and I am excited to once again be a part of it. Here is some important information:

Feel free to contact me about anything related to this class; I am here to help! If I can answer your questions I will, but I may need to defer some questions to Dr. Brock. I am most responsive to text and email (contact info below), but not very responsive to Facebook messages. To those of you who participated in the doodle poll, thank you. Based on the results and a few changes in my schedule I have determined that the best time for office hours is Friday from 2 to 4 in BPS 3243. If you cannot make office hours, just text or email me and we can set up a meeting. I basically live in the physics building and NSCL, so I am usually around if you need me on short notice. Utilize office hours! I am really not that scary and want to help you guys learn the material. From my experience, students that have come to office hours in the past have done better than similar students who have not. Before coming to office hours, it helps if you have tried the problems/projects you have questions on and come with specific questions. This helps me understand where you need help and makes things far more efficient.

Daniel’s contact info: Phone Number: 517-899-2782 (text only please) Email: coulte35@msu.edu

I am looking forward to meeting you.


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