Exam Opportunities

The average on Exam 1 was 19/30 (not counting the extra credit). The highest score was 27.

Here’s a way to improve your grade:

You’ll see that in the homework site that the exam solution file is taken down and replaced by a blank version of the exam. You may do one of two things:

  • Remember back to which question you wish you’d done better on: print out the blank version and write the number of that question on the cover page, redo that question on the blank version, and bring it to class on Monday. I’ll give you full credit for the second try and replace that score.


  • Print out and redo the entire exam for a maximum of 20 points (instead of 30). I’ll replace your current grade with the new one scored out of 20. If you do worse, I’ll keep your original score.

You have 24 hours to do this and turn it in at the beginning of class on Monday.

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