Honors Project Data Upload

Here’s how you upload your data. You’ll need to separate your two data files into one with the -2 and the other without the dash. Change the file without the dash to be -1

So if you had A and A-2, make it A-1 and A-2.

Watch the movie called upload.mov which is in the directory where you got your instructions and data:.


Each step is demonstrated. Now you do it.

Go to:


and log in with

  • user: ippog
  • pwd: imc

which you’ll recognize from the movie.

You’ll upload to the settings of April 22, 2017, because you’re adding to data that are already there from last year. I’m trying to build up sufficient “statistics” in order to see rare signals emerge.

Let me know if there are any issues, but Mr Guinea Pig (Julian) has followed these instructions successfully…right, Julian?

Turn in your paper…on paper…at the Final Exam!

thanks Chip Brock

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