skip 6-37

T&R problem 6.37 is tricky and not worth it. So skip it.

I lied. The exam will cover…

…Thornton and Rex: 3, 4, 5, and 6 through section 6.3 (infinite well)

That is all The Management

Exam Opportunities

The average on Exam 1 was 19/30 (not counting the extra credit). The highest score was 27.

Here’s a way to improve your grade:

You’ll . . . → Read More: Exam Opportunities

Week of October 9

As I said in class, in order to do some catch-up I’m thinking of lecturing all week, which means you’d need to “homework workshop” on . . . → Read More: Week of October 9

Friday Exam…

I lied. There is one question that involves a simple derivation, for which I get you off to a running start …

There are . . . → Read More: Friday Exam…


homework and exam

A couple of things about your homework:

units. Your answers must have correct units.

work. No, not F•d… show your work. Each solution should go . . . → Read More: homework and exam

Derivations 3 and 4 for HW3

There have been two “derivations” that were assigned in lecture, #3 and #4. You can find them nicely presented in the Homework area.

Homework for chapters 19 and 20?

All good. You can indeed do the homework assigned with what we’ve covered in class. Monday I’ll consider Entropy from a perspective that’s not in . . . → Read More: Homework for chapters 19 and 20?

Dropbox for Thermo HW2

I just remembered (well, I was reminded – thanks) that by default the dropbox folders are invisible until I throw this great big switch.

I’ve . . . → Read More: Dropbox for Thermo HW2