problem with web site

Remember a few weeks ago when I was having trouble with the web server where my text is stored? It seems that’s happening again. I’ve . . . → Read More: problem with web site

Next lessons are up…

…well, have been up since last night.

Lesson 9 on Newton’s Gravitation (including the Galileo’ astronomy and his end-game with the Church) and lesson 10, . . . → Read More: Next lessons are up…

Next Lessons are up. Energy and Early Cosmology

You’re reading this because you got here by accident?

Or…because you signed up for Feedburner!

You can find the Energy and Early Cosmology lessons are . . . → Read More: Next Lessons are up. Energy and Early Cosmology

Run, don’t walk

Every tuesday evening, I’ll release the next weeks’ reading. That happened last night and you’ll find it in the Lectures/Readings/Homework tab.

Part 1 is a . . . → Read More: Run, don’t walk

Dan’s Office Hours

Hello ISP220 students,

My name is Daniel Coulter and I will be your TA for the semester. This is a very fun class and I . . . → Read More: Dan’s Office Hours

Two things afoot

Thing 1.

My website that begins with the domain “” is down (again). MSU decided to do power maintenance on the BPS building the week . . . → Read More: Two things afoot

a physics joke

Two physicists are discussing whether there is an afterlife and they agree that should one of them go first, he would let the other know . . . → Read More: a physics joke