Pearson Refunds

Here is what I got from Pearson regarding refunding. I think you’ll need to refund your original purchase and then rebuy the non-textbook version.

Pearson Online Subscription Purchases

To request a refund for an online subscription you purchased directly from a Pearson Education website (other than Revel):

If you were billed in US dollars (USD) use the following steps:

Click contact us Under Product name, select your product from the menu Under Issue category, select Refunds Follow the on-screen instructions If you were billed in Canadian dollars (CAD) email If you were billed in UK pounds sterling (GBP) email If you were billed in Australian dollars (AUD) email

In your email to Customer Service be sure to include the following information:

First name Last name Order ID or Account ID Reason for refund request Note: Refund requests must be made within 15 days of purchase.

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