The ISP220 End Game

Here’s how the next two weeks will play out:

  • Homework #13 will be assigned 4/21 and due 4/28 – normal rotation

  • On-line final exam will be assigned Sunday, 4/29 and due Tuesday night, May 1 will cover material since midterm plus the last week of class

  • There is 1 more 10 point quiz (stay tuned)…

    • only the shadow knows when
  • Remember when I was sick?
    • been trying to catch up, but not going to make it. Hence:
  • Final Exam day:
    • You’ll arrive at 0745 on May 4, here. I know.
    • I’ll provide bagels. You supply liquids.
    • We’ll have the last quiz.
    • I’ll finish with about a 1 hour grand finale, lalapalooza, mind-bending lecture
    • You’ll do your Feynman Diagram Project
    • There will be no poster project this year

That is all.

The Management

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