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We’re coming to the end of the Part 1 portion of ISP220. What I hope this has done is lay a foundation for what will follow: motion, force, energy, gravitation, and electric and magnetic fields will all be a part of the relativity, quantum mechanics, particle physics, and cosmology topics…but not as mathematical tools, but conceptual ones.

Lesson 13, Maxwell’s Fields is the last of the written lessons, and even this one is mostly video. From this point on, I’ll provide you with readings from Hobson and Oerter (The Theory of Almost Everything starts with Lesson 13, actually), the web, and my slides.

Three important things:

  • As I talked about on Tuesday, and is reflected in the “calendar” cartoon here, we begin 2-a-weeks next week, February 20.

  • You must sign up for MasteringAstronomy: MasteringAstronomy Course ID: MABROCK17173 ; Access code: WSSPCT-QESHM-LAIRY-EMACS-MAINT-ROVES

  • Finally, you’ll always find the slides from any lecture at:


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That is all.

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