Week of October 9

As I said in class, in order to do some catch-up I’m thinking of lecturing all week, which means you’d need to “homework workshop” on your own. This is somewhat in flux, but here’s what I propose:

o I will lecture Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (10/9, 10/10, and 10/11) for sure

o Homework (HW5) will be due on Friday (10/13) rather than on Wednesday for sure

  • I’ll freeze the actual HW5 problems due on Friday by Tuesday night

  • So your dropbox entry will not be required this week…your problems will each be worth 4 points.

o If I make sufficient progress in my Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday marathon:

  • I’ll skip lecture on Friday and will collect your homework asynchronously (outside of class).

  • I’ll decide that by Wednesday and provide more guidance.

I hope this doesn’t mess anyone up…besides me.

That is all,

The Management

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