Some cleanup

Lecture Notes

As I mentioned in class, our ftp services have not been restored after the last-minute hammer fell on our computer people from campus central IT. They are still not up this morning and going to campus on a football saturday is impossible. VPN connectivity is also down.

So I will not be able to set up a space to house things until tomorrow.

Thermodynamics Text

I chose Bauer and Westfall on the chance that some of you might already own it. For those who don’t, I’ve produced a package with McGraw Hill that you can access by following these instructions:

Physics, Bauer and Westfall: special packet, chapters 17-20

  1. Go to

  2. Search for and select book by Title, ISBN, Author, or State/School.   ISBN: 9781307109009   Title: MSU Modern Physics

  3. Add the book to your cart and pay using a credit card or access code.

That is all.

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